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FIFA Quick Passing-Based Style

4 Aug 2016 at 08:39

I play a quick passing-based style, building up attacks quickly, but will slow down and recycle as needed and reset, while keeping a press upfield to win the ball back asap to counter if possible. Used 4-3-1-2 with small tweaks (only changing offside trap to cover and width to 40) until I got to D2. Always caught on the break and couldn't control my midfield due to high pressing opponents and pacey wingers out wide once I got to D2. By the way, if you needĀ cheap fifa 17 coins, just click.

Won D1 with 4-1-2-1-2 (2) with some changes to tactics and players - worked from Jukez' guide given I try play a similar style and prefer four mids for passingĀ 
options/buildup, but slowly tweaked it to work for me.

Team - All normal cards aside from BY:

Sandro, Bonucci, Chielini, Florenzi
Marchisio, Pereyra
Lacazette, IF Ben Yedder


60-30 Organised / 60 Pass, 20 Cross, 60 Shoot / 70 Press, 65 Aggression, 40-45 Width, Cover

-Short passing, med-fast buildup so I still have options to reset or pass back to relieve pressure.

-Mixed passing, not too risky where my midfield would be pressing up with me and offered safe options to recycle. No crossing. Kept shooting 55-60 to help keep CMs/CDM back - if I want them to shoot, I'll get them into that position myself via dribbling or quick 1-2s.

-Med-high press/aggression to help CB come into buildup, but also get close/press opponent's strikers where I'd use my CMs to press, close down passing options, stand tackle or double team an isolated player. 40 width to aid passing but would change to 45 and lower pressure if a wide/sweat team.


Fullbacks: low interceptions/stay back to help defend pacey wingers, esp on a break
CDM: stay back, low interceptions to keep player back and in position for a pass or when needed in defence.

CMs: aggressive interceptions

STs: Low interceptions, one to press backline.

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