TamamShamoon: Blade And Soul launch activities

Blade And Soul launch activities

16 Jan 2016 at 03:05

On the eve of the game's launch activities, I wanted to type out a quick message.
The love and support that this community has provided has been incredible over the past months. Much of our success over this time has been attributed to you - your willingness to help new people enter into the community with Blade And Soul Gold, your passion for the game, and your excitement for the release.

I'm sitting in London, reminiscing about the last time I was here - early May, as we were about to (re-) announce the game. I was so very thrilled to finally bring this game to you, and admittedly a little nervous that the prevailing thoughts would linger on the result of the previous announcement; how do I prove that you can trust us?
But here we are, about to launch the game. It's happening for reals. Your support has been overwhelming, and your feedback has truly shaped a lot of the game to something I hope will be the best version. Now as I look towards what happens after launch, I hope that we can continue to maintain the faith and trust in us and I am very excited for our future in 2016.
I love you all

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