TamamShamoon: Blade & Soul: Around 45+ Content

Blade & Soul: Around 45+ Content

22 Jan 2016 at 03:38

Meta, i am stating that as a whole this entire game is designed around 45+ content, to ask why MMOs have stories is to ask "hey why mmo.." why mmorpg, it is expected of the genre that is why it is there, as to why players go through all of it, again it is expected, that is what the mmo Mold is, a story, leveling, character "progression" loot, gear, stats. yata yata.
The leveling will not be stretched out, and again to ask about the longevity of an ALREADY successful game. is kind of a moot point, If NA/EU players are too lazy, stuck up. whiny, what have you. and this market dies out. NC soft will just mark it as a failure, and make sure to be more careful when importing unique asian MMOs in the future, Ever wonder why asia has a TON more mmos to choose from then NA/EU? think about the Blade And Soul Gold. Self entitled children who demand every thing their way or else. "give me every thing now. make my life easier. how dare you present me with any form of grind!" make sense? 
I am not saying every player is like this, some of us wish more asian content was imported. but sadly the market and attitude of the NA/EU playerbase can at times be quite.. toxic. mind you in my own experience this has been far more NA then EU.
I for one am here because THIS is the game i want. and THIS game is what i have been looking forward too for years, exactly how the KR version the original version should be. not some horrific Frankenstein like mutation of it to suit .... im going to stop here before i get more into a rant. my point being. i wish people who only just found out about this game would stop trying to change what it is and be happy with what they are getting. but i know that is a pipe dream.

My opinion just happens to be slightly different from yours. No big deal, I just happen to think the game is currently terribly boring for leveling (but i dont care im here for end game pvp much like a lot of players). However, low level pvp is so bad the pvp at low level doesnt even exist!! (And i just find that to be a complete joke for any game let alone an mmo, and the solution to that joke again is just a few simple tweaks a programmer could set up over the weekend)
- Putting in pvp level brackets 10-15, 16-20, etc. adding bgs like the 6v6 control points that already exists, taking away ranking until level cap, and adding solid balanced XP gains through low level pvp solves all the low level pvp problems I see with this mmo
Soooo, all im saying is my suggestions would make me as a consumer want to continue to play this game, make alts, etc. NCSoft would make more money, and my experience would be 1000x more enjoyable, balanced, and skilled when it comes to low level pvp and leveling to Buy BNS Gold. And this is kinda a semi big deal because right now, leveling for me is really not fun at all, im not even playing the beta barely because again low level pvp doesnt exist.

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