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to change color or just cut my hair

When my boyfriend left me, I felt a need for change. It was not a question of throwing my job to go and do humanitarian work in the depths of the world, but just to take advantage of it to change some things to make me feel better! And for me, it was direction hairstyle with a very specific idea in mind. I did not want to change color or just cut my hair, I wanted something really different, which slice. So I have my new haircut Alice Dellal, the British top, who has long displayed a shaved side! I thought it was daring, rock and terribly sexy at the same time. Today, we call it the half hawk cup and we see it on many people, but when I did it a few months ago, I was still a UFO! I kept the rest of my hair long and natural lace wigs to play the glamorous side. For the moment, as soon as it pushes away I grab my clipper and I shave, but maybe I will eventually let back ... If I find a new lover! "

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