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Some Problems With MapleStory TBD Status

TBD status on something like this means they just recently discovered a big problem and have no idea how deep it runs or how much it will take to repair it. They are in the process of digging right now to find out. 

You will be safe to go and watch some movies or anime if that's your thing, or whatever else you want to do to pass the time. I look forward to it being back up just as much as any one else here, but I know if you keep looking every 2 minutes to see if they posted anything you are just gonna snowball your frustration for no good reason and waste your energy thinking about it. Best we can all do is just keep checking back every now and then.

I doubt they are going to just pop the server back on without warning, and even if they did, oh noes, you lost an hour or two of training because you weren't watching closely enough. Big whoop. You'll live.

By this evening they'll give us an idea of how much longer, extend it by 2 hours probably about 3-5 times, then we'll all be happy and playing again when it's all said and done.

It lets people check in around that time, and get a idea when to check back in. If it is going to be 4 hours. I can make other plans during that time. If is only going to be a hour. I don't want to get into other games with MS Mesos. That is just the type of person I am. I play what I feel like, and if something I want to do (maple story) it makes it hard to enjoy other things. If I am forced to do it due to long Maintenance I can adjust to that. Just, not knowing when it could be up, has me just chilling waiting when I could be doing other things.

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